Mistakes to Avoid as a Seller

Selling a home can be a complicated process. To help you from making costly mistakes, consider these common mistakes people make when selling their homes – and avoid them yourself.

Ignoring Necessary Repairs

If a home inspector finds severe damage, it could halt the sale for repairs. To prevent this, evaluate any serious repairs before listing. It may seem odd to repair a home you’re leaving, but it could help you pass the inspection and increase your property value depending on the repairs.

Not Preparing for Showings

Prepare your home for showings by minimizing your belongs to an essential few. By storing any clutter you have, you allow buyers to envision it as their own.

Don’t disregard curb appeal! Buyers are already forming their opinions of your home before they even get inside. So spruce it up by mowing your lawn, tending to the garden, and touching up the paint on the exterior.

Using Inferior Listing Photos

Listing photos can make it or break it when attracting homebuyers. According to the National Association of Realtors®, 90% of buyers start their home search online. Even extravagant homes will receive less attention due to low-quality listing photos.

Listing it FSBO

Sellers who list their homes For Sale By Owner, aka FSBO, may experience setbacks during the selling process. It’s crucial to hire a real estate agent to guarantee legal documents are correctly submitted and you’re receiving competitive offers. They will provide guidance and ensure the process goes smoothly.

Unrealistic Valuation

Setting your listing price can be hard when you have an emotional attachment to your home. Listing it over the market price could keep your home on the market longer. A real estate agent can guide you to a fair listing price from a professional perspective.

Not Budgeting for Potential Costs

Before your home goes on the market, be aware of the costs during the selling process. Your initial investment may come from repairs, staging, and high-quality listing photos. As the sale progresses, account for closing costs and fees from hiring a real estate agent.

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